Use of Stainless Steel Corner Guards to Protect Walls from Damage

There is an increase in the number of renovations in North America in the past three years with stores registering total revenue of $144billion in 2014. Moving heavy furniture, heavy equipment, and power tools during renovations may cause damage to the corners of the walls. Therefore, it is ideal to use the stainless steel corner guards in protecting walls from gouges, scratches, and dents. Additionally, the corner guards also enhance the beauty of the walls that have had a major renovation.

Distinguishing Features of Stainless Steel Corner Guards

Corner guards consist of different materials including rubber, plastic, polymers, wood, rigid vinyl, and steel. However, most professionals advise on the use of stainless steel corner guards due to the following features:

Durability– steel is one of the strongest materials in construction compared to the rubber and plastic used in the manufacture of corner guards. Therefore, it would withstand scratches and dents caused by sharp objects compared to other materials. The durability feature saves on the time and money used in frequent repairs.

Inability to react with other elements– stainless steel is chemically inert making it the ideal metal for use in the warehouses, treatment plants, and factories. Stainless steel does not corrode and may not break down when exposed to other harsh chemicals, unlike the rubber, plastics, and polymers. The fact that the stainless steel metal does not rust make it the ideal choice for protecting the walls.

Weathering resistant– other materials used in the construction of the corner guards may react differently to the extreme temperatures. However, the stainless steel corner guards remain unshaken by the changes in the environment.

Easy to make color adjustments– stainless steel would hold the matt finish well without chipping or running. Additionally, it is easy to find the brushed finished corner guards to match the interior décor, appliances, and equipment in the house or office. The aesthetic value provided by the steel corner guards gives a great transition from the wall to the corners.

Availability- stainless steel corner guards come in different gauges to suit most of the applications. The stainless steel corner guard thickness ranges from 16 to 22 gauges for both decorative and protective purposes.

Where to use Corner Guards

Consider looking at the sizes, style, corner guard features, and the finishes before purchasing a screen guard. Various institutions use the corner guards in their renovations or construction. Among the places with corner guards, include the hospitals, residential homes, schools, restaurants, and hotels. The corner guards on hotels and apartment complexes give it a polished and sophisticated look as well as protecting walls of the place that experiences a heavy traffic of people. Stainless steel corner guards on your residential home beautify your home and increase its value. It could be useful to visit Boss Corner Guards for more information.

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