Snow Vs. Your Metal Roof

In climates where heavy snowfall and high moisture are the norm, one of the best solutions to protect a home is a metal roof. These carefully designed homes are made to stand the test of time winter after winter against all the brute force snow can wear against the top of a house. Sheet metal roofing is an excellent choice as it allows snow to slide off before becoming a major issue. Other options allow the frozen water to build up and deteriorate roofing material or collapse a building. However, not every metal roof is made the same. These three mistakes can compromise the benefits typically associated with sheet metal roofing.

Shallow Slope
One of the key aspects of a metal roof is the ability to prevent snow from piling up and weighing down on your home. Unfortunately, many roofs are not steep enough to take advantage of this necessary component. Unless your roof is pitched at least one inch per square foot, it remains possible for heavy frozen water to pool up and possibly collapse inward into your house. If you discover that you have only a quarter inch per square foot, do not worry. This is a common mistake many homes have that can be resolved by installing a proper slope above the roof already in place. With the new proper rise, you will have nothing to fear.

Condensation Issues
Another important part of any metal roof is the vapor barrier system. This prevents condensation from pooling under the roof and leaking into your home to deteriorate the material beneath the sheet metal. In cases where the fiberglass has been overlapped or rolled and then stapled, the airtight seal necessary to avoid evaporated water from getting inside cannot properly function. This can not only lead to mold and rotten wood under your roof but also rust through the sheets. In severe cases, an individual may need to invest in sheet metal restoration to locate and correct afflicted areas and remedy the vapor barrier issue.

Snow Load
While many roofing companies will quote you an estimated safe loading pressure, some can make mistakes leading to overestimated numbers that leave you ill-prepared for the winter, especially in areas of high snowfall. Improper installation or using incorrect materials can both cause a professional to miscalculate the load bearing capability. This can also double with the incorrect slope to allow ice-damming which pools water to add to the weight already present due to snow on top of your roof. This could again lead to a need for sheet metal restoration once the inevitable collapse occurs.

In the end, only an expert roofing contractor can tell you if you have any need to worry about your home. Hiring a professional will let you know if your roof is pitched to the correct slope for your area and check to see that your vapor barrier is properly installed. Should you notice any of these three signs, contact a contractor today. Avoiding these common issues is sure to guarantee a long lifetime for your metal roof and for your home throughout many winters. You can learn more by visiting Heather & Little Limited.

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