Global Trends in the Pumps Production Industry

Man has been using some form of pumps for centuries. However, the changes that have been witnessed in this industry over the last half a century are truly remarkable. Today, we have major players manufacturing major quality products such as Durco pumps in large scale and which are available in nearly every corner of the globe.

The industry continues to change in response to customer needs, as well as global and economic changes.

New Pumps Designs

One major trend has been the rising importance of displacement pumps, especially the rotary types. Peristaltic, progressing cavity and rotary pumps are all gaining great prominence as their unique capabilities are being introduced to new world markets as a result improved transport and communication networks. Increasing competition and more products in the market means customers can experiment more as they seek the ideal pump. Far flung markets have also prompted manufacturers to develop innovative pump packing.

Global environmental concerns have also impacted the pump market. Rising levels of environmental awareness are giving a major production boost to pumps without shaft seals, such as some of the special Durco pumps. Canned motor and magnetic drive units are thriving and even being produced as a hybrid that combines these two technologies.

Pump shaft packing and sealing has also seen dramatic changes. Today, Asbestos in packing is outlawed in nearly all countries and a bigger portion of new pumps are now being supplied using special pump packing as well as with mechanical seals. They are in factory-assembled cartridge format designed to avert the risk of face damage during handling and transportation.

New Pump Materials

Pump materials have continued to evolve. Sea-water based pumps have witnessed aluminium bronze and gunmetal being replaced by super-duplex stainless and highly alloyed super-austenitic steels. Tungsten/silicon carbide and ceramics have vastly brought down the wear rates in pumps.

Technology Taking Over

Computers and electronics are literally taking over nearly all aspects of our lives and even the world of pumps has not been spared in the form of condition monitoring equipment and variable speed drives systems. Computer selection software has greatly speeded up the pump selection process as well throwing more marketing opportunities.

Industry Mergers and Diversification

In recent years, the pump industry has witnessed merger talks and takeovers on a wide scale. In fact, over the last half a century there is not a single major global pumps brand that has not seen some change in ownership.


Probably the most remarkable single change seen in the industry has been rapid transition from the local to an international marketplace. About 50 years ago, products like Durco pumps were only available in their original country of production. Today, inter-company relations at the global level have facilitated franchising, making the pump industry today truly globally connected.

6 Essential Tips for Maintaining Compaction Equipment

Regular maintenance of compaction equipment is vital in cost control. Excellent support assists in minimizing repair cost as well going far in maximizing both profit and production. Here are basic tips for maintaining compaction equipment.

1. Routine Checkup is Vital

It is good to adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule as well as conducting a regular inspection. Secondly, it always good to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is because no one else knows the equipment than the manufacturer. Thus it is important for the owner to adhere to the manufacturers’ manual.

2. Proper Use of the Equipment

It is vital to the select the appropriate size of the compaction equipment. The size selected depends on the area to be compacted. If the installation is in hotels, the best machine is vertical compactor due to the limited working space. Consequently, it’s not only important vital to select the right compactor but it also important to use it in the right way to have maximum output. That will increase the life’s span of the equipment.

3. Trained Equipment User

The other important thing that should be observed is the training of the users. It is good to ensure that the person handling the machine has adequate training of even using vertical compactors. With training, he/she will be a position to maintain the equipment. Whenever there is a problem with the equipment, a trained person will raise the alarm at the right time.

4. Having Own Set Rule and Guidelines

The maintenance rules should be there according to an individual experience with the equipment. The operating environment may not be the same in all the places, and that is why it is important for every person to have set rules. Based on the place, it is clear that these rules vary. When someone buys the machine, it is important to study it in and out.

5. Electric Eye

There are automatic compactors that have the electric eye. Due to the eye the compactor it is necessary to take care of the machine. In the compactor, a reflector is placed across the compactor from the eyes to help the beam to bounce back to the electric eye. The compactor is designed in such that if an object breaks the beam of the compactor turns itself off automatically. In most cases, the beam is blocked by dirt or garbage. Thus, is it essential to monitor, the electric eye as well as the reflector to keep the machine away from dirt.

6. Hydraulic System

The driving force of the compactor is the hydraulic system. Mostly, everything in the machine is supported, by the hydraulic oil. Therefore, the hydraulic should be regularly inspected by a trained person. The areas to be examined are the leaks and the oil levels.

Finally, if you invest in a piece of compaction machine, you need to have extra motivation of routine equipment maintenance. It is the only way that guarantee longer life for the equipment. If you would like more information, Rotobale Compaction – EMD has additional resources available.

4 Ways that Water Purification Tablets will Help You

Water is very essential in the body, and we cannot afford to operate without it. Drinking water away from home can predispose us to a lot of fatalities. Most people have already set up water treatment systems in their homes to protect themselves from impure water.

1. During your Outdoor Activities

Depending on the duration that your outdoor activity lasts, water purification tablets can be used to reduce the chances of contracting a waterborne disease. During outdoor activities, most people drink contaminated water and thus endanger their health. If you do not have an already established water purification systems, then the tablets can be a quick remedy. Furthermore, the purification tablets are less bulky as compared to the water purification systems making them an ideal choice for most outdoor activities.

2. When Travelling

When traveling to a place where there is inadequate clean water or where the water purification systems are not efficient, then it is ideal to carry the tablets. Most people will find it difficult to adapt water in the new environment as statics show. The purification tablets are useful for any individual who is traveling to a foreign country or city where sanitation is not of the highest pedigree. At least 70% of tourists who settle on foreign land have been found to have waterborne diseases after staying in the region for a while. Such scenarios may have been caused by the tourists drinking unsafe water unknowingly or due lack of an alternative option.

3. When Handling Emergency Situations

During emergency for example, during a relief campaign, the water purification tablets are the ideal method of treating the water. Most emergencies demand a way that is less bulky. When natural calamities like flooding occur in a place, the water distribution is disrupted, and the water becomes contaminated. To purify that water cost-effectively, the purification tablets are the ideal choice. During the emergencies at home when we desire clean water immediately. The tablets are always a quick remedy as they dissolve faster and are easy to handle during the whole procedure of treating the water.

4. Military Training

One of the fundamental reasons for developing the water purification tablets was due to the military activities. During the army training where the trainee is sent to foreign grounds where there is unsafe water for drinking, the simplest method for them to treat water is by using the tablets.

Depending on the activity that you are involved in, the method of water treatment largely depends on the urgency, effectiveness, and the volume of water that is to be treated. Most people prefer the water purification tablets because of their functional capabilities. You may be interested in the Global Hydration website if you would like more information.

Increasing Lifespans of Industrial Filters.

All industrial filters, with time, wear out and become ineffective. Companies have to periodically endure the cost of replacing such industrial filters as drum filters, bag filters, centrifuges and dust filters. What makes the replacement even costlier is that such media are installed in complex systems and the process completely interrupts a company’s operations. Additionally, newly installed dry-industrial filters increase a company’s carbon footprint before they adapt to its systematic functioning. Therefore, apart from the capital cost of buying and installing new filtration devices, the operational costs of firms also spike momentarily. For these reasons, scientists have constantly been working towards figuring out the best practices to make industrial filters last longer and adapt to the ever dynamic legal requirements on emissions. Some of these practices may include:

• Purchasing durable and high-quality devices
It is common knowledge that industrial filters come in different qualities. Some companies have outstanding reputations of producing long-lasting devices that perform optimally for longer than regular industrial filters. These high-quality filters feature expanded surface areas and other superior qualities that guarantee companies extended time frames of excellent industrial filtration. Many firms rush to purchase cheap filters in large qualities to match the performance of fewer high-quality ones but forget it would ultimately cost them much more to replace the systems. Cheap is always expensive in the long run.

• Timely cleaning the filters
By installing smart controllers, company staff can monitor the operational efficiency of filters. Cleaning these systems eats into the operations of a company, and if done more than necessary, it could cause early damage of dust bags and unnecessary pulsing. The point is to clean at the right time, not regularly, to prevent clogging up of the systems. Therefore, companies need smart controllers to determine the appropriate times to clean their filtration systems for extended lifespans.

• Regular maintenance
Filter media does need regular maintenance for sustained performance. Dust collectors, especially, require attention to operate for longer. They may succumb to pressure and lead to regular down times, increased operational costs, and safety hazards unless they are regularly inspected and serviced. Service includes fastening screws, removing clogs and making repairs on worn out parts. By doing so, companies can ensure that they continuously meet environmental regulations by reducing emissions and complying with safety standards.

• Installing custom filter media
Every company has particular operational tendencies that make their filtration needs specific. Installing the right kind filter media can optimize such a company’s productivity. When a company manages to match its operational needs with the right filter media, even the media lasts longer as it is neither overworked nor under-worked.