6 Easy Steps To Follow To Get More Client For Your Moving Company

For a moving company that seeks to get more business, it can be a trying situation. Competiton is plentiful, and the amount of work that your movers need to do to keep up can seem like an insurmountable amount of work that is involved.

Owning a moving company is not easy like many businesses are, but if you take some of these steps that we have listed below into consideration, we are confident that you will be able to take your movers Edmonton company to the next level.

It is essential to be able to stay ahead of the competition, and the best way to stay ahead of the competition is to do what they are doing and also do something that they aren’t doing. The more elements you bring to your business model the more things you will have to try.

The more you can try the more you will see that there are endless possibilities to grow your business. It won’t happen overnight but the more you try, the easier it will be in the extended scheme.

6 Easy Steps To Follow To Get More Client For Your Moving Company

# 1 – Social Media Marketing 

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Social media is just a part of our everyday life. It is essential to understand how you can use this most powerful platform for your business to not only reach more people and inform them about your business but also to start building your business and taking it to a whole other level.

# 2 – Email Marketing 

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Email marketing is such a powerful business strategy that very few people use. Email marketing allows you to create a relationship with people through their email. It is not necessarily always about selling or pitching to a person but it is about building that relationship with the person, and this is what business is all about; building a relationship with people.

 # 3 – Discounts 

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Everyone loves discounts. Getting a sale makes them feel like they are getting something valuable and worthy. So it would prove invaluable to your business if you can offer your clients some discount if they use your service. By providing them with something valuable, they will be more likely to work with your service again.

# 4 – Amazing Customer Service 

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You can’t beat stellar customer service. If you aren’t proving fantastic service, then no one will want to work with your business. It is all about making the customers happy in the end. If you aren’t doing that, then you aren’t doing business effectively.

 # 5 – Word Of Mouth 

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To piggyback off of the last entry if you are providing stellar customer service then the world of mouth will be something your business gets as a result. Word of mouth is so powerful and the more positive feedback you get from people, the more you will be able to scale your business.

# 6 – Create A Stellar Website 

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You don’t necessarily need a website but having one will make your business stand out. People will be able to read testimonies as well as see the services that you offer.

Global Trends in the Pumps Production Industry

Man has been using some form of pumps for centuries. However, the changes that have been witnessed in this industry over the last half a century are truly remarkable. Today, we have major players manufacturing major quality products such as Durco pumps in large scale and which are available in nearly every corner of the globe.

The industry continues to change in response to customer needs, as well as global and economic changes.

New Pumps Designs

One major trend has been the rising importance of displacement pumps, especially the rotary types. Peristaltic, progressing cavity and rotary pumps are all gaining great prominence as their unique capabilities are being introduced to new world markets as a result improved transport and communication networks. Increasing competition and more products in the market means customers can experiment more as they seek the ideal pump. Far flung markets have also prompted manufacturers to develop innovative pump packing.

Global environmental concerns have also impacted the pump market. Rising levels of environmental awareness are giving a major production boost to pumps without shaft seals, such as some of the special Durco pumps. Canned motor and magnetic drive units are thriving and even being produced as a hybrid that combines these two technologies.

Pump shaft packing and sealing has also seen dramatic changes. Today, Asbestos in packing is outlawed in nearly all countries and a bigger portion of new pumps are now being supplied using special pump packing as well as with mechanical seals. They are in factory-assembled cartridge format designed to avert the risk of face damage during handling and transportation.

New Pump Materials

Pump materials have continued to evolve. Sea-water based pumps have witnessed aluminium bronze and gunmetal being replaced by super-duplex stainless and highly alloyed super-austenitic steels. Tungsten/silicon carbide and ceramics have vastly brought down the wear rates in pumps.

Technology Taking Over

Computers and electronics are literally taking over nearly all aspects of our lives and even the world of pumps has not been spared in the form of condition monitoring equipment and variable speed drives systems. Computer selection software has greatly speeded up the pump selection process as well throwing more marketing opportunities.

Industry Mergers and Diversification

In recent years, the pump industry has witnessed merger talks and takeovers on a wide scale. In fact, over the last half a century there is not a single major global pumps brand that has not seen some change in ownership.


Probably the most remarkable single change seen in the industry has been rapid transition from the local to an international marketplace. About 50 years ago, products like Durco pumps were only available in their original country of production. Today, inter-company relations at the global level have facilitated franchising, making the pump industry today truly globally connected.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Doors for Your Venue

Whether you are preparing to move into a new industrial property or you are renovating your existing workspace, you may be tasked with the project of replacing industrial doors. A typical industrial door company offers an exceptional range of door styles for you to choose from, and most offer installation as part of their overhead door services. However, before you set up installation service, you must first find the right style of industrial doors to purchase. Cost may be a primary limiting factor as you narrow down the options, but there are many other factors that are critical to the decision-making process as well. As you explore the options, focus on these points to make an informed buying decision.

How the Doors Open
One of the primary factors to consider when selecting new industrial doors from an industrial door company is the functionality of the doors. For example, overhead doors typically slide up into the ceiling, and bi-parting doors may open to the left and right. Other doors pop up and outward. The functionality of the door opening is critical to operations in your facility. The available space in your facility to accommodate different styles of doors may be one limiting factor to consider, but functionality is critical. Both are impacted by how the doors open.

The Door Material
Industrial doors may be made out of everything from wood and aluminum to fiberglass, steel and more. Some are weatherized, and others are chemical-resistant. These are only a few of the special features provided by some door types. Consider the environment that you need to achieve or maintain inside your facility, the materials that the doors may be exposed to through regular operations and even the security level needed in your facility. By focusing on these points and by learning more about the options available, you can more easily determine which material is best for your new doors.

The Work Environment
Industrial doors are available in both indoor and outdoor models. For example, service door industries may include automotive doors used at vehicle bays. Interior doors may be suitable for use in a clean room, in a hospital or surgical setting and more. The work environment may dictate the color and style of the preferred doors, and it may also dictate the functional features the doors need to have.

The doors of your industrial facility are critical to everything from climate control and functional operations to security and even aesthetics. With so many styles to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right decision. However, when you narrow down the options based on these factors, you can make an informed decision. For more information on industrial doors please visit the Wilcox Door Service Inc website.

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Look Into the Full Range of Trucking Services

Trucking companies provide a wide range of services that benefit customers all over the world. Many people know about the reliability of shipping companies, but are not familiar with the versatility that is associated with these companies. Know more about the various types of services provided by a transportation company.

Freight Services

Shippers have categories to simplify the process of shipping freight. The less-than-truckload (LTL) category has the most common type of freight that is transported by regular-sized delivery truck. The truckload (TL) category has heavy shipments that are transported on semi-truck trailers.

Freight must be transported by some long-distance vehicle. Trucking transportation is the first connection in the process of shipping ocean, rail and air freight. Freight cannot reach airports, shipping docks or rail yard stations without the use of reliable trucks.

The challenges of international shipping are handled by international freight forwarding services. Making shipments to different countries involves reviewing international trade regulations, filling out paperwork and signing documents. Freight services include a team of experienced professionals who handle all of the manual tasks. They have many regular customers, including importers, exporters and small business owners, who conduct business overseas.


Logistics management is needed to track freight movements from one location to another. Logistics companies provide a variety of services that include daily shipping updates and 24/7 customer service. They provide various contracts and insurance options to protect the fragile assets of individuals and businesses. If any problems arise, they have claims processing services to handle damaged or lost shipments.

Logistics companies also give shipping quotes to compare from different trucking companies. Customers need quotes because single shipments could cost up to thousands of dollars.

Types of Trucking Companies

The types of trucking services vary based on the type of shipment. There are companies that specialize in shipping automobiles across long distances. Some companies have refrigerated trucks for shipments that are sensitive to time and temperature. Other companies specialize in flatbed and heavy haul shipping operations to any location in the country. Also, there are truckers who specialize in moving hazardous materials that include chemicals and explosives.

Whether it is moving a large fleet of cars or livestock, it is essential to use a dedicated Canadian trucking company. The right professionals have experience in a variety of services from logistics management to shipping quotes. Customers are responsible for knowing more about the services available to them. Find more insights and resources available at Fortigo Freight Services.

Why The Magnesium Chloride Supplier Is In Big Business

Magnesium Chloride is one of the most popular salts courtesy of its applications in numerous fields. To mention but a few of its many uses, the combination of magnesium and chloride is used in manufacture of fertilizer, paper, textiles, cements and fireproofing agents. Additionally, it is used as a mineral supplement as well as treatment of waste water. However, any magnesium chloride supplier will tell you that much of his or her business comes from its use in stabilization of roads and dust control.

Cleaner and Healthier Environment

Granted, there are many ways of controlling dust, especially in unfinished or unpaved roads. They range from simply sprinkling water on the dusty surface to use of brine solutions containing calcium chloride and sodium chloride as well as plant oils and natural clay. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that the use of magnesium chloride is the most popular means of suppressing dust.

One of the most prominent properties of magnesium chloride is its ability to attract moisture from the air. Unlike water, the hygroscopic compound resists evaporation and, therefore, there is no need to apply it as many times as you would with water. Moreover, it has a cumulative effect, meaning that it lasts longer with every new application.

Safe Roads and Pavements

When covered with ice and snow, paved surfaces are a serious danger to not only drivers but also anyone walking on them. Magnesium chloride can either be used to prevent icing by spreading it on roads when a snow storm is imminent or de-icing when it is used to melt the ice that is already on roads, walkaways, driveways and parking lots. Its popularity with road authorities, facilities managers, and residential and commercial building owners is mainly due to its high efficiency in improving safety of paved surfaces when they are rendered treacherous by snow and ice with little or no harm to the surrounding environment including infrastructure, natural stone and vegetation.

Less Erosion of Soil

By binding to dust particles, magnesium chloride not only helps stabilize roads but also reduces aggregate loss. In addition, it makes unpaved surfaces more compact and a bit harder thus preventing the developing of potholes. This way, it is greatly influential in reducing the cost of road repair processes such as re-grading.


A number of people are not sure whether to choose magnesium chloride for de-icing. While both have almost similar results when applied in the right proportions sodium chloride has been proved to damage concrete twice more quickly than magnesium chloride. It is also preferred by road and construction workers for its therapeutic effects. For these and many other reasons including its cost-effectiveness, the compound is likely to occupy a large space in the store of any magnesium chloride supplier. For more insights, Innovative Surface Solutions has resources and information available on their website.

Increasing Lifespans of Industrial Filters.

All industrial filters, with time, wear out and become ineffective. Companies have to periodically endure the cost of replacing such industrial filters as drum filters, bag filters, centrifuges and dust filters. What makes the replacement even costlier is that such media are installed in complex systems and the process completely interrupts a company’s operations. Additionally, newly installed dry-industrial filters increase a company’s carbon footprint before they adapt to its systematic functioning. Therefore, apart from the capital cost of buying and installing new filtration devices, the operational costs of firms also spike momentarily. For these reasons, scientists have constantly been working towards figuring out the best practices to make industrial filters last longer and adapt to the ever dynamic legal requirements on emissions. Some of these practices may include:

• Purchasing durable and high-quality devices
It is common knowledge that industrial filters come in different qualities. Some companies have outstanding reputations of producing long-lasting devices that perform optimally for longer than regular industrial filters. These high-quality filters feature expanded surface areas and other superior qualities that guarantee companies extended time frames of excellent industrial filtration. Many firms rush to purchase cheap filters in large qualities to match the performance of fewer high-quality ones but forget it would ultimately cost them much more to replace the systems. Cheap is always expensive in the long run.

• Timely cleaning the filters
By installing smart controllers, company staff can monitor the operational efficiency of filters. Cleaning these systems eats into the operations of a company, and if done more than necessary, it could cause early damage of dust bags and unnecessary pulsing. The point is to clean at the right time, not regularly, to prevent clogging up of the systems. Therefore, companies need smart controllers to determine the appropriate times to clean their filtration systems for extended lifespans.

• Regular maintenance
Filter media does need regular maintenance for sustained performance. Dust collectors, especially, require attention to operate for longer. They may succumb to pressure and lead to regular down times, increased operational costs, and safety hazards unless they are regularly inspected and serviced. Service includes fastening screws, removing clogs and making repairs on worn out parts. By doing so, companies can ensure that they continuously meet environmental regulations by reducing emissions and complying with safety standards.

• Installing custom filter media
Every company has particular operational tendencies that make their filtration needs specific. Installing the right kind filter media can optimize such a company’s productivity. When a company manages to match its operational needs with the right filter media, even the media lasts longer as it is neither overworked nor under-worked.

Use of Stainless Steel Corner Guards to Protect Walls from Damage

There is an increase in the number of renovations in North America in the past three years with stores registering total revenue of $144billion in 2014. Moving heavy furniture, heavy equipment, and power tools during renovations may cause damage to the corners of the walls. Therefore, it is ideal to use the stainless steel corner guards in protecting walls from gouges, scratches, and dents. Additionally, the corner guards also enhance the beauty of the walls that have had a major renovation.

Distinguishing Features of Stainless Steel Corner Guards

Corner guards consist of different materials including rubber, plastic, polymers, wood, rigid vinyl, and steel. However, most professionals advise on the use of stainless steel corner guards due to the following features:

Durability– steel is one of the strongest materials in construction compared to the rubber and plastic used in the manufacture of corner guards. Therefore, it would withstand scratches and dents caused by sharp objects compared to other materials. The durability feature saves on the time and money used in frequent repairs.

Inability to react with other elements– stainless steel is chemically inert making it the ideal metal for use in the warehouses, treatment plants, and factories. Stainless steel does not corrode and may not break down when exposed to other harsh chemicals, unlike the rubber, plastics, and polymers. The fact that the stainless steel metal does not rust make it the ideal choice for protecting the walls.

Weathering resistant– other materials used in the construction of the corner guards may react differently to the extreme temperatures. However, the stainless steel corner guards remain unshaken by the changes in the environment.

Easy to make color adjustments– stainless steel would hold the matt finish well without chipping or running. Additionally, it is easy to find the brushed finished corner guards to match the interior décor, appliances, and equipment in the house or office. The aesthetic value provided by the steel corner guards gives a great transition from the wall to the corners.

Availability- stainless steel corner guards come in different gauges to suit most of the applications. The stainless steel corner guard thickness ranges from 16 to 22 gauges for both decorative and protective purposes.

Where to use Corner Guards

Consider looking at the sizes, style, corner guard features, and the finishes before purchasing a screen guard. Various institutions use the corner guards in their renovations or construction. Among the places with corner guards, include the hospitals, residential homes, schools, restaurants, and hotels. The corner guards on hotels and apartment complexes give it a polished and sophisticated look as well as protecting walls of the place that experiences a heavy traffic of people. Stainless steel corner guards on your residential home beautify your home and increase its value. It could be useful to visit Boss Corner Guards for more information.

Using Plumbing Services for a Major Home Renovation Project

Whether you are planning to remodel plumbing-heavy areas of the home like the kitchen and bathroom or your home renovation plans include the need to relocate pipes and plumbing features to new areas of your property, you may need to use professional plumbing services for various purposes. Your plumbing system runs through many walls of your home as well as in your flooring and ceilings, so plumbing services are often needed regardless of the scope of your project. In some cases, exterior plumbing features need to be relocated as part of the renovation project as well. Before you hire a plumber to assist you with your home renovation project, learn more about how he can help you with your plans.

The Design Stage
Before you begin any work on your home remodeling project, you can work with your plumbing company during the design stage. For example, if you plan to remodel your bathroom, your plumber may provide recommendations regarding the location of different features that can help you to save money. Whether you need to simply knock down a wall that has a pipe running through it or you have more significant needs for plumbing services, your expert can assist you in creating a functional and budget-minded plan that achieves the goals you have in mind for the space.

Implementing the Plans
A plumber is more than just an adviser during the home renovation process. In fact, you may work with him repeatedly during the renovation process. Initially, the plumber may be called on to relocate pipes so that other work can be completed in the home. Before the work is done, he may be called back to the property to install a new bathtub, a sink, a garbage disposal or even the faucets and other fixtures. If you have any code violations that have been created during the remodeling process, he can also come back to the property to make recommendations and to repair items that are not up to code. Most plumbers are very familiar with local codes and ordinances and will have no trouble completing this work for you.

A major home renovation provides you with the opportunity to improve the functionality of your space, dress up the décor, add value to your property and more. Whether you are planning a small-scale or a large-scale renovation, you understandably want to complete the work using only the services of the most skilled professionals available. With this in mind, carefully interview plumbers very early on in the renovation process to take full advantages of the many services a plumber can provide to you throughout all stages of your home renovation. You can find additional resources by visiting ExpressRooter Plumbing.

What to Look For When Buying New Pump Trucks

Pump trucks are used in a wide range of business operations, and many different types of businesses are searching for new trucks to add to their fleet. They are most commonly associated with septic pump-outs and concrete pouring, but they also can be used for water extraction, in oilfield environments and more. With so many varied uses for pump trucks in the commercial environment, you may expect to find a wide range of pump truck models to choose from. As you shop around for a new or gently used truck to add to your fleet, consider taking note of these factors so that you make the most informed buying decision possible.


The Pumping or Vacuum Features and Specifications
There are two main components to consider when investing in new pump trucks, and one of those components is the pumping or vacuum mechanism. When reviewing pumping or vacuum mechanism components, pay attention to the size of the clean water and dirty or debris tanks to ensure these meet your needs. It can be highly inefficient to have your team constantly having to fill or empty these tanks because they are not large enough for your needs. The power and quality of the vacuum or pumping engine should also be considered. By reviewing these factors, you will be able to determine which of the trucks is most well-suited to fit your specific business activities.
The Quality of the Truck Itself
In addition to reviewing the pumping or vacuum features and specifications, it is also important to review the truck’s features. For example, you want to consider the tread on the tires of a used truck as well as the number of engine hours that have been logged. For new and used equipment alike, the type and power of the engine, its fuel economy, its suspension system and other related factors should be thoroughly reviewed. In some cases, you may want to inspect the cabin to see how many passengers or workers it can hold.
These factors will help you to buy a quality truck that meets all of your needs.

There are both new and used pump trucks available for purchase, and the price point on these ranges from under $20,000 to more than $300,000 depending on the features and specifications. You can easily begin searching for the right truck for your needs online, and you may find several that you want to test drive and have a mechanic review before you make your final buying decision.

Choosing the Right Type of Steel for Your Needs

Steel is a strong metal alloy that has many applications in manufacturing and other areas. When you need to use steel in your workplace or with at-home projects, it is important to note that there are different types of this material available, and they are not all the same. While you may be looking for steel suppliers that provide beams, steel bars or even pipe with specific dimensions, the type of steel used in the making of products is critical to know when making a buying decision. By learning more about the different options available, you can more easily locate the right type of steel for your current needs.

Why There Are Different Grades of Steel
Steel is a metal alloy comprised of iron and any combination of other materials in different amounts. Both the other materials used in the making of BOSS Steel Limited and the percentage of the material that is iron will play a key role in how strong the material is as well as in how easily it may rust and more. Each type has different physical properties as well as chemical properties that you should review and understand before you decide which stainless steel corner guards or other products to purchase.

Categories Within the Grades
While having four main categories of steel to choose from may seem confusing as you make your buying decision, your shopping effort may be even more complicated when you learn that some of these categories have sub-categories and classifications to consider. For example, carbon steel is one type of steel to consider, and it is available in high, medium and low carbon steel types. This classification relates to how much carbon is used in the manufacturing of the steel, and this impacts how easy the material is to weld or cut as well as if the material is more likely to shatter or break after it has been heated.

Stainless steel has many applications in the workplace, and you can easily find stainless steel guards, steel bars, beams and even pipes available to purchase. However, you can see that not all of these products are the same, and some may be more useful for your applications than others based on their composition. Take time to learn more about the different types of steel available. Quality steel suppliers will offer you a full range of products to choose from and will take time to answer your questions so that you make a thoughtful buying decision.

Snow Vs. Your Metal Roof

In climates where heavy snowfall and high moisture are the norm, one of the best solutions to protect a home is a metal roof. These carefully designed homes are made to stand the test of time winter after winter against all the brute force snow can wear against the top of a house. Sheet metal roofing is an excellent choice as it allows snow to slide off before becoming a major issue. Other options allow the frozen water to build up and deteriorate roofing material or collapse a building. However, not every metal roof is made the same. These three mistakes can compromise the benefits typically associated with sheet metal roofing.

Shallow Slope
One of the key aspects of a metal roof is the ability to prevent snow from piling up and weighing down on your home. Unfortunately, many roofs are not steep enough to take advantage of this necessary component. Unless your roof is pitched at least one inch per square foot, it remains possible for heavy frozen water to pool up and possibly collapse inward into your house. If you discover that you have only a quarter inch per square foot, do not worry. This is a common mistake many homes have that can be resolved by installing a proper slope above the roof already in place. With the new proper rise, you will have nothing to fear.

Condensation Issues
Another important part of any metal roof is the vapor barrier system. This prevents condensation from pooling under the roof and leaking into your home to deteriorate the material beneath the sheet metal. In cases where the fiberglass has been overlapped or rolled and then stapled, the airtight seal necessary to avoid evaporated water from getting inside cannot properly function. This can not only lead to mold and rotten wood under your roof but also rust through the sheets. In severe cases, an individual may need to invest in sheet metal restoration to locate and correct afflicted areas and remedy the vapor barrier issue.

Snow Load
While many roofing companies will quote you an estimated safe loading pressure, some can make mistakes leading to overestimated numbers that leave you ill-prepared for the winter, especially in areas of high snowfall. Improper installation or using incorrect materials can both cause a professional to miscalculate the load bearing capability. This can also double with the incorrect slope to allow ice-damming which pools water to add to the weight already present due to snow on top of your roof. This could again lead to a need for sheet metal restoration once the inevitable collapse occurs.

In the end, only an expert roofing contractor can tell you if you have any need to worry about your home. Hiring a professional will let you know if your roof is pitched to the correct slope for your area and check to see that your vapor barrier is properly installed. Should you notice any of these three signs, contact a contractor today. Avoiding these common issues is sure to guarantee a long lifetime for your metal roof and for your home throughout many winters. You can learn more by visiting Heather & Little Limited.

What’s New at DeWalt Tools

DeWalt has been making some incredible tools for over 90 years. Beginning as a small company formed by the inventor of the radial arm saw, Raymond ReWalt, DeWalt tools have become one of the best brands in the power tool industry.

DeWalt has manufactured corded and cordless power tools for decades. This year, DeWalt has created some very unique tools that offer much more versatility than traditional power tools of the past. DeWalt’s stance is to provide the power of a corded tool with the portability of a cordless machine.

120V MAX Miter Saw

One of the most interesting tools I found in DeWalt’s new lineup is their 120V Compound Miter Saw. Not only is it a fully-functional compound miter saw, it has the ability to be run corded or cordless. It ships with a 120V AC Adaptor, as well as two 60V batteries that are used simultaneously to achieve a cordless 120V potential. This is incredibly useful if you are working in a situation where you do not have sufficient supply of electricity, and the work you need to do requires a lot of power.

60V MAX Table Saw

The reason that 60V batteries are used in the DeWalt line is because there are many new smaller power tools that can also use them due to their larger capacity and power. 60V tools include a grinder, reciprocating saw, table saw, joist drill and circular saw.

The DeWalt 60V 8-1/4″ Table Saw is an excellent choice for contractors who do not need as much versatility as a compound miter saw, but still need a high-quality saw to make accurate cuts where there is little electricity available. It also has a safety feature where it will not accidentally restart if a battery is added when in the on position. It features rack and pinion adjustment on the fence, making adjustments fast and accurate. It also has on-board storage for most of your needs, such as the fence, wrenches, miter gauge and saw guard.

20V MAX Backwards Compatibility

These 60V batteries are also compatible with older 20V models, which makes their lineup very flexible. The new 20V models include a power drill, impact driver, band saw, circular saw, miter saw, jig saw, reciprocating saw, grease gun, framing nailer, rotary hammer and more.

I am very excited for DeWalt tools and their new lineup, especially with their high-powered cordless saws. When you need a lot of portability but the power of a corded tool, DeWalt makes a very capable, high-quality product. You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at Mississauga Hardware.

Applications That Benefit From a Cabinet Cooler

One of the most pocket-friendly and efficient industrial coolers in the world happens to be the cabinet cooler. The fans of this industrial cabinet cooler are of an advanced caliber of ingenuity that has increased the efficiency of electronic systems significantly. It is an economic savior for many electronic applications. Unfortunately, not all applications can benefit from the vast advantages of this industrial cabinet cooler. This cooler is extremely dependent on the ambient conditions. It is not applicable in appliances that are:
1. located outdoors where temperature and humidity levels are higher than required cabinet
2. exposed to materials of a corrosive nature
3. exposed to dust and other airborne impurities
4. exposed to liquid flowing
In the event such conditions cannot be averted, the use of a closed-loop coolant is mandatory despite the higher costs. Some of the applications that meet the standards of the industrial cabinet cooler include:
A. Programmable controllers
It is at times challenging to determine whether your wiring and junction boxes are certainly industrial control panels. Whether indoors or outdoors, they can be cooled with a cabinet cooler.
B. Relay panels
This application can provide more than 48 relays of control. These control schemes provide pocket-friendly but complex functions.They are often used in hospitals, airports and stadiums.
C. Food Service Equipment
Food preserving equipment like fridges and heating equipment like microwaves are some devices that heat up easily. They need efficient cooling for optimal functioning.
D. Audio-visual equipment
Equipment that is used in surveillance and entertainment generate heat often. Electronics like CCTV cameras, televisions and woofers must have this heat they generate spread out to protect them from malfunction. The electrical components have to be safeguarded for longevity.
E. Computer cabinets
Computers have to be the most ingenious devices yet to exist. They do a lot for the literary world. They also provide entertainment. These computers, especially, desktops, can get very hot. To increase the efficiency of your device, you can try to open up the enclosure. In place of the computer, cabinet, install a cabinet cooler with its fans inside.
F. Power distribution and switch gears
These applications are also susceptible to heating malfunction. The fuses in switch gears and power distribution have to be cooled. Portable substations are convenient for trade shows and manufacturing plants.
G. Lighting contactors
These electrical applications are used to regulate circuits going into lighting. They are commonly used in places like stadiums and airports.

There are more online resources available at Pelmar Engineering.

Introduction to Flexographic Printing Plate Sleeves and the Importance of Proper Maintenance

Flexography is a form of printing that applies the use of flexible rubber plates and first drying ink to print on a variety of materials. Flexographic printing sleeves are increasingly becoming popular because:
• It reduces damage on plates by excluding the need to remove plates between tasks
• Similar jobs can be mounted and stored to use later
• Flexographic sleeves are light in weight, long-lasting and easy to handle
• Flexographic sleeves work well with numerous materials, from tissue and paper towels to solid metal
Flexographic printing plates yield more opportunities in markets previously dominated by folding and shrink sleeves. However, to optimize the resourcefulness of plate sleeves, the equipment must be well maintained. Proper maintenance practices require diligence with observance of a set of rules. Some of the necessary maintenance protocols and their importance are highlighted below.

1. Clean plates
Proper maintenance and plate care will lead to cost-saving in the long run. This is because proper care will reduce the need to manufacture newer plates and provide better registration during printing. The most basic rule is, therefore, always clean the plates after removal from the cylinder. Furthermore, it is vital that the plate is clean while it is put onto the printing machine. If a dirty plate is used, particles may get stuck under the ink. Ensuring that previous residue and ink is removed will assure good ink transfer.

2. Proper storage
Plates ought to be stored properly after cleaning. Poorly stored plates are more likely to break down while not in use. Although automated cleaners work well, some cleansers used with them do not dry up quickly, such as oil. Leaving plates wet while storing them can result into the plates retaining the solvents. If plates are not stored properly to allow them to dry, the oil provides a moisture barrier. The moisture barrier will dissolve the plates. This will lead to a decrease in plate caliber. Before storing plates, it is essential to ensure that the plates are clean and dry to avoid further corrosion. Moreover, during storage, it is vital that the plates are away from direct light, high temperature, ozone, air, and electricity.

3. Proper cleaning
It is critical to use the right material while cleaning the plates. It is best to use horsehair brush or other soft material like sponges. Different cleaning materials can have different effects on the reliability of the plate. Use of the right cleaning agent, alcohol, is equally important in ensuring the plates lasts longer. Proper cleaning is important in ensuring the equipment operates at its full potential.

Flex storage solutions promote proper flexo printing equipment functionality. Under proper maintenance, equipment such as flexcart and flexstand last longer. Additionally, digital imaging of plates through the use of Flexstand operator has brought about numerous developments to flexographic printing as compared to traditional methods. Additional resources can be found at FlexStor.

How to Increase Your Roof’s Lifespan

The roof is one of the main features on buildings and determines the amount of protection that is offered on the home. Although roofing materials last several decades, they are considered to be an investment when they need to be replaced. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that homeowners can take to increase the lifespan of the structure.

Schedule Inspections

One of the most important ways to preserve your roofing materials and reduce the risk of damage or deterioration is to schedule an inspection every six months. Professional roofers will identify areas where roof repair is needed, which can include on the siding or on the roof deck of the structure. The roofer will also provide an estimate on when the materials need to be replaced in the future.

Clean the Gutters

The gutters should be cleaned out every few months to remove twigs or leaves that have accumulated in the metal structure. Debris that is left in the gutters for too long can prevent water from draining off of the home and will often damage the shingles that are installed. You can also look for leaks that may have developed in the gutters to determine if they need to be replaced.

Repair Leaks

Leaks are known to develop throughout the year but should be repaired immediately to reduce the risk of damage that occurs. Access the attic with a flashlight to look for areas where sunlight is coming through the roof boards. You can also hose off the roof with water to determine where moisture is coming through. The leaks can be repaired with tar that is applied underneath the roofing materials to seal off of the home.

Install Insulation in the Attic

Many people are unaware of how much insulation has a direct influence on the roofing materials that are installed. Hire roofing contractors to add extra insulation in the attic, which will prevent the roof from reaching both high and low temperatures throughout the year by eliminating drafts that may be present. This can prevent heat transfer during the summer months with acrylic and latex barriers that can be used.

Clean the Roof

Cleaning the roof is another important step to take to remove algae growth that often accumulates on the eavestrough due to moisture. Cleaning the roof will prevent dark streaks or stains from developing and will also prevent the algae from feeding off of microscopic particles in the limestone of the asphalt shingles. This will prevent decay from occurring and will even increase the appearance of the roof. It will even increase the energy efficiency of the roof by removing dark spots that can attract more heat throughout the year. You can find more info at the Cherry & Clark Roofing website.

What GHS Pictograms Mean

With the implementation of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for communicating, chemical-related hazards, GHS pictograms have become an important tool in relaying information from the manufacturer to the user where safe product handling is concerned. As part of the larger GHS classification system, these safety labels are designed to convey the information in a consistent manner regardless of who manufactures the product or in what country it is used.

There are nine standard pictograms used on GHS labels, plus a 10th one that is used to indicate biohazards. It has a round black border with the biohazard symbol inside it. Whenever this symbol is used, individuals handling the product should take precautions to avoid being exposed to a communicable disease, especially those that are blood borne like HIV or hepatitis.

The other nine GHS pictograms have a red diamond-shaped border. Some describe this diamond shape as a square standing on one of its corners. Regardless of the way it is described, inside the red border will be a black and white symbol that represents a particular type of hazard.

Health Hazard

The health hazard pictogram resembles a person’s upper torso, neck and head in black with a star-like emblem over the chest in white. Whenever this symbol is used on a label there is potential for the product to be a carcinogen. It could also mean that there are concerns with mutagenicity, reproductive, target organ or aspiration toxicity, or respiratory sensitization.

Exclamation Mark

This symbol refers to health hazards also, but to those that are more of an acute nature. Products that can be skin or eye irritants or skin sensitizers will have this pictogram on the label. It could also mean the product has some narcotic effects or can irritate the respiratory tract.

Skull and Crossbones

As one might expect, the skull and crossbones represents poisonous characteristics of the product. Whenever this symbol is part of the label, there is an acute toxicity risk. Even death from a short exposure is problem. Safe handling of the product should not be taken lightly.


The corrosion symbol is that of a product dripping from a test tube onto a piece of metal or onto a person’s hand. It is used to indicate the presence of acids or caustics that can cause chemical burns to skin or can corrode metal.


The picture of a flame in the pictogram means the product is flammable. It can also emit flammable gas or be an organic peroxide.

Flame over Circle

A flame over a circle means the product is an oxidizer. These chemicals support combustion and should never be stored in close proximity to flammables.

Exploding Bomb

This symbol designates explosive material or something that can react explosively with other incompatible materials.

Gas Cylinder

Products that are gasses and are in pressurized containers will have the gas cylinder pictogram as part of the label.


The environment pictogram shows a tree and a fish and is used to indicate the potential for aquatic toxicity of the product.
More information can be found if you visit the ICC Compliance Center website.