6 Essential Tips for Maintaining Compaction Equipment

Regular maintenance of compaction equipment is vital in cost control. Excellent support assists in minimizing repair cost as well going far in maximizing both profit and production. Here are basic tips for maintaining compaction equipment.

1. Routine Checkup is Vital

It is good to adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule as well as conducting a regular inspection. Secondly, it always good to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is because no one else knows the equipment than the manufacturer. Thus it is important for the owner to adhere to the manufacturers’ manual.

2. Proper Use of the Equipment

It is vital to the select the appropriate size of the compaction equipment. The size selected depends on the area to be compacted. If the installation is in hotels, the best machine is vertical compactor due to the limited working space. Consequently, it’s not only important vital to select the right compactor but it also important to use it in the right way to have maximum output. That will increase the life’s span of the equipment.

3. Trained Equipment User

The other important thing that should be observed is the training of the users. It is good to ensure that the person handling the machine has adequate training of even using vertical compactors. With training, he/she will be a position to maintain the equipment. Whenever there is a problem with the equipment, a trained person will raise the alarm at the right time.

4. Having Own Set Rule and Guidelines

The maintenance rules should be there according to an individual experience with the equipment. The operating environment may not be the same in all the places, and that is why it is important for every person to have set rules. Based on the place, it is clear that these rules vary. When someone buys the machine, it is important to study it in and out.

5. Electric Eye

There are automatic compactors that have the electric eye. Due to the eye the compactor it is necessary to take care of the machine. In the compactor, a reflector is placed across the compactor from the eyes to help the beam to bounce back to the electric eye. The compactor is designed in such that if an object breaks the beam of the compactor turns itself off automatically. In most cases, the beam is blocked by dirt or garbage. Thus, is it essential to monitor, the electric eye as well as the reflector to keep the machine away from dirt.

6. Hydraulic System

The driving force of the compactor is the hydraulic system. Mostly, everything in the machine is supported, by the hydraulic oil. Therefore, the hydraulic should be regularly inspected by a trained person. The areas to be examined are the leaks and the oil levels.

Finally, if you invest in a piece of compaction machine, you need to have extra motivation of routine equipment maintenance. It is the only way that guarantee longer life for the equipment.┬áIf you would like more information, Rotobale Compaction – EMD has additional resources available.