What to Look For When Buying New Pump Trucks

Pump trucks are used in a wide range of business operations, and many different types of businesses are searching for new trucks to add to their fleet. They are most commonly associated with septic pump-outs and concrete pouring, but they also can be used for water extraction, in oilfield environments and more. With so many varied uses for pump trucks in the commercial environment, you may expect to find a wide range of pump truck models to choose from. As you shop around for a new or gently used truck to add to your fleet, consider taking note of these factors so that you make the most informed buying decision possible.


The Pumping or Vacuum Features and Specifications
There are two main components to consider when investing in new pump trucks, and one of those components is the pumping or vacuum mechanism. When reviewing pumping or vacuum mechanism components, pay attention to the size of the clean water and dirty or debris tanks to ensure these meet your needs. It can be highly inefficient to have your team constantly having to fill or empty these tanks because they are not large enough for your needs. The power and quality of the vacuum or pumping engine should also be considered. By reviewing these factors, you will be able to determine which of the trucks is most well-suited to fit your specific business activities.
The Quality of the Truck Itself
In addition to reviewing the pumping or vacuum features and specifications, it is also important to review the truck’s features. For example, you want to consider the tread on the tires of a used truck as well as the number of engine hours that have been logged. For new and used equipment alike, the type and power of the engine, its fuel economy, its suspension system and other related factors should be thoroughly reviewed. In some cases, you may want to inspect the cabin to see how many passengers or workers it can hold.
These factors will help you to buy a quality truck that meets all of your needs.

There are both new and used pump trucks available for purchase, and the price point on these ranges from under $20,000 to more than $300,000 depending on the features and specifications. You can easily begin searching for the right truck for your needs online, and you may find several that you want to test drive and have a mechanic review before you make your final buying decision.